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Develop groundbreaking applications using Clubee’s powerful APIs. You can build custom add-ons or connect other technologies to your Clubee data with only a few lines of code.

Club Management API

Built by Developers,

for Developers

Clubee’s flexible platform was designed to provide developers with unlimited possibilities for the data of their sports organization.

Create and enhance your custom experiences, addons and extensions on top of our battle-tested API platform. Connect with any existing third-party applications you need, save time, build quickly, develop with confidence, and deploy across the world with our API-first sports organization management solution.

API Sports Club

The building blocks for future-proof sports organizations

With our powerful tools and technology, there’s nothing you can’t build on our core platform.

🔗Rest API's

Our Rest API grants your application access to all features and resources within the Clubee Platform. Using standard HTTP methods you can access your user database, payments, competitions,... You name it.


Our webhooks provide event-driven triggers to automatically message your application of data changes in real time.


Get Started today with your own API keys

Organizations on Clubee’s “Amateur Plus” and “Pro” packages can request custom API Keys and individually manage access rights for each key. Costs may apply. Reach out to your account manager for more information.

Integrate with Zapier

Clubee can quickly connect to thousands of other tools and services via Zapier. Contact your account manager for more information.

Clubee Zapier API
integrate with zapier