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Is your club struggling to attract new members?

"Story of my life"

-Said 3000+ clubs

Until they found Clubee!



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Constant Communication + Engagement = Key

It's time to revolutionize how your club connects with its community. Clubee focuses on constant communication and engagement so you can attract new members and fans!

Try Clubee - A tool that helps you gain visibility via:


✅ Social Media Content Generation

✅ Forms to Attract New Members 

✅ Website 

✅ Integrated Online Shop

✅ Automated Newsletters

✅ Interactive app for communication... and much more! :)

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What can I do with Clubee?

  • Automate social media publishing for a dynamic online presence.

  • Share regular updates and insights with your community through automated newsletters.

  • Use content creation tools to share and create content.

  • Build a website within minutes

How would it help?

  • Regular updates and announcements on your website will keep your audience engaged.

  • A strong communication through diverse communication channels will attract new members.

automated invitations and updates

Use online forms for quick sign-ups

  • Create web forms and allow people to sign up. Whether you want to collect membership applications, event signups, or others. 

  • Define which fields people need to fill out. Receive answers via mail or as a list.

  • Contact all the people that filled out a certain form.

  • Integrate that form on your website.

  • Store all respones in a database, attach payments, reach out to them via e-mail.

Trusted by 3000+ clubs

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