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Drowning in the sea of event planning details?

How about simplified Scheduling and Planning so you could achieve more? 

Event Reminders
Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Football
Fédération Luxembourgeoise dAthlétisme
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Special Olympics Luxembourg
Suomen Rugbyliitto


Manage your Team

Automated scheduling and effective communication ensures the entire team stays on the same page.

All-in-one communication platform
Easy Invitations

Invitations Made Easy

Clubee invites your community to events, trainings, and matches with ease. Time to say goodbye to the hassle of manual invitations!



The entirety of the clubs activities can be found in the calendar.



Set up automated reminders to reduce no-shows.

Check Availabilities

Automatically send invitations, asking for availability. Get a yes/no feedback per user.

Check Availabilities
Attendance Overview

Attendance Overview

Get a summary of overall player attendances per event, practice or team. Know who's coming and who isn’t so you can make the arrangements accordingly.

Allocate Roles for Events

Make event planning easier by attributing roles to members.

Role Allocation

Say goodbye to all your planning problems. Sign up for seamless scheduling and increased turnouts!