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Competition Management Software

Simplifying Competition Management for Federations

With fully-automated Calendars, Standings, Player Stats, and More!

We toss out all the boring stuff and inject some fun into your work.

Club Manager

The all-in-one competition management software

Let’s embark on a journey to redefine the way you manage competitions, leagues and events. With effortless:

  • automated calendars and game scheduling
  • live game sheets and scorecards
  • automated standings and player statistics
  • referee assignments
  • digital signatures
  • athlete license management and transfers
  • communication tools
  • a lot more...

Now you can manage it all in one place. 

Example of automated scheduling and planning

Scheduling the agenda for a league, or even multiple leagues and age groups, is no longer a work that requires several hours, days or even weeks of planning, but can now be fully automated thanks to Clubee's unique proprietary Artificial Intelligence. Here's how:

1. Define the structure of your league(s) - Decide on many leagues, age groups, stages within each league (group phases, knock-out stages, single- or double-round-robin formats, etc.)
2. Define time periods - How long are your different stages within a league ?
3. Define when games can be played - What days of the week or timeslots are accepted by the organizer
4. Request availabilities of the teams' facilities - Ask the teams to provide information about their facilities. When are they available, when are they not?
5. Allow teams to submit preferences and requests - Teams can submit requests, for example if they want to be playing at home on specific days, or away at specific days (ex.: due to construction at the facilities), or pairing requests (ex1: U16 and U14 should be playing against the same opponents during their away games, to allow for ride-sharing. ex2: senior men's team and senior women's team should play at home on the same day to create a larger event each time), or even special match-ups (ex.: some teams want to play their biggest rival on a special day and organize additional side-events).
6. Review all the provided information, and within 1 single click, ask for the entire best-case and optimal schedule to be automatedWeeks worth of work can be saved...
7. Throughout the season, you can allow teams to reschedule games, by automatically proposing them other available dates, automating the validation-flow, and more
Scheduling Tool

Automated Scheduling

Benefit from our AI-driven scheduling tool that efficiently manages team facility availabilities and requests from teams (home-, away- and bye- game requests, pairing requests with other teams from the same organization or location, etc). No more boring work or excessive schedule changes. With our AI-powered tool, you can automatically schedule all your competitions' games - it's that easy!


Streamline game management. Record live play-by-play actions, player stats, manage substitutions with ease.


Digital Signatures

Ditch the paperwork. Easily collect referee and team signatures online.

Competition Management

Set up and manage leagues effortlessly. Calculate standings and statistics automatically. Schedule games, track results - all in one place.

competition management
Referee Management

Referee Management

Smooth coordination with referees. Check their availabilities, qualifications, then allocate and handle payments.

License Management

Manage licenses of athletes and officials, track medical checks, validities/expirations, handle renewals, fees and payments effortlessly.

License Management
Attendance Tracking

Player Transfers

Simplify transfers. Remove paperwork, digitalize approvals and communication. Transferring licenses of athletes has never been faster and more effortless.

Communications (Social Media, Website, Email)

Centralise your communication efforts. From updates on your website to social media and, newsletters.

Communication Tools
Content Integration

+20 other tools

There's a lot more from Clubee. Including API's to connect with your other tools. Let's have a chat to see what we can do for your organization!

Trusted by 3000+ sport organisations, federations, leagues and governing bodies

Finland Rugby
Special Olympics Luxembourg

"Clubee provides an all-round service for clubs and associations. They have helped us to bring our association into the digital age, be it through membership management, licences or match reports. No other association software can offer the communication tools and the ability to do everything on one platform. The staff is always helpful and the response times are great. We as the Rugby Association Rhineland-Palatinate can only recommend Clubee to every club and federation."


Jörg Barthel - German Rugby Federation - Project Manager

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