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Looking for Sponsors?

Sponsorships go beyond just 'money'. At Clubee, we're here to help you achieve not just financial support but a flourishing community. 

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Constant Communication + Engagement = Key

It's time to revolutionize how your club connects with sponsors and fans. Clubee focuses on constant communication and engagement. By enhancing your club's communication and engagement strategies, you can increase turnout, skyrocket ticket sales and enhance sponsor visibility and return-on-investment.


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Manage Sponsor Database with Clubee

Easily create and maintain a sponsor database. Work together with your club members to keep information updated and accessible.

Foster Community with Clubee Groups

Create a sense of belonging for sponsors within your community. Automated invitations to events, newsletters and group chats facilitate direct interactions, turning sponsors into active, engaged community members.

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newsletter tool

Stay Top-of-Mind with Newsletters

Our automated newsletter ensures regular updates on club activities, keeping your sponsors constantly in the loop.

Automated Invitations

Our automated invitations ensure that the sponsors always feel invited and valued.

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multi-channel presence

Multi-Channel Presence for Maximum Visibility

Expand your reach across various channels. Enhance sponsor visibility effortlessly through integration across your club's website, app and newsletters.

Content Integration

Our content creation tools seamlessly integrate sponsors into your narrative, amplifying their involvement and passion.

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Deliver more

Sponsorship is no longer a one-way street. For sponsors, it's a strategic investment in marketing. In times when sponsors are watching every dollar, we need to show measurable returns. Clubee demonstrates the ROI so you can deliver beyond expectations. 

Let's go beyond the basics

Engagement is the Key

Clubee doesn't just help to manage your sponsors; it turns them into active, passionate members. 

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So is Clubee for you?

Well if you want sponsors to live and breathe the story of your club. Then with Clubee you can:

✅ Build strong, vibrant communities.

✅ Effortlessly handle the day-to-day operations.

✅ Grow as a leader and a club manager. 

✅ Demonstrate impact through Measurable ROI

Engaging sponsors is the key to stand out of the crowd. And Clubee does exactly that.

“Clubee has helped us reaching the next level of internal organisation - management of and communication with our members; online fanshop for international supporters; centralisation of administrative information; etc. There's nothing that Clubee can not do. We also appreciate their reactivity and availability in terms of customer service”

Manou Georgen
General Manager, F91 Dudelange