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Sports Team, League and Federation Management

The complete tool you need. Managing your organization has never been easier.



Meet Clubee, your first AI-powered assistant that helps you manage your organization

It automates 300+ tasks that used to be done manually. Now, you just make the decisions, and Clubee executes them for you.

Smart Task Management

For Clubs and Coaches

The all-in-one digital solution for clubs, teams and coaches! Effortlessly manage members, handle payments, communicate effectively, manage events and practices, organize medical records, and much more!

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For Federations and Leagues

As a federation management solution, Clubee helps you by automating administrative tasks such as competition management, license management, player transfers, game scheduling, referee coordination and much more, with AI. We strive so you can:

✅ Save Time

✅ Save Resources

✅ Grow The Sport

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License Management

"Clubee has helped us reaching the next level of internal organisation - management of and communication with our members; online fanshop for international supporters; centralisation of administrative information; etc. There's nothing that Clubee can not do. We also appreciate their reactivity and availability in terms of customer service”

Manou Georgen
General Manager - F91 Dudelange, Football Club (LU)

"Clubee is easy to handle, even for people who are no IT-specialists. We only get positive feedback from our fans who share the opinion that the website is nice and is attractive to all the people. The best for us is the synchronisation of the calendar with the smartphones. Thank you for the good work!"

Monique Scheier
President, Tornado Luxembourg

"Clubee provides an all-round service for clubs and associations. They have helped us to bring our association into the digital age, be it through membership management, licences or match reports. No other association software can offer the communication tools and the ability to do everything on one platform. The staff is always helpful and the response times are great. We as the Rugby Association Rhineland-Palatinate can only recommend Clubee to every club and federation."

Jörg Barthel
Project Manager, Rugby Association Rhineland-Palatinate

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